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Our alcoholic confits

Our alcoholic confits

Besides our traditional confits, discover our new range alcoholic confits.

IFS Certification

IFS Certification

To meet its customers’ expectations, MERYDIS SA invests more in Quality. A I.F.S. certification is planned for the first half of 2013.


Our traditional confits go best with Foie gras, pâtés, terrines, game,…


"The traditional tastes" in 220 gr

Onions with Grapes, Onions with raspberries, Figs with Porto, Cooked cranberries.

"The traditional tastes" in 100 gr

Onions, Onions with raspberries, Onions with Espelette pepper, Figs.

"Jelly" in 150 gr


NEW "The Alcoholics tastes" in 100 gr

Pineapples with Rum, Apples with Calvados, Apricots with Amaretto, Forest fruits with Cointreau, Figs with Pastis.