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Our alcoholic confits

Our alcoholic confits

Besides our traditional confits, discover our new range alcoholic confits.

IFS Certification

IFS Certification

To meet its customers’ expectations, MERYDIS SA invests more in Quality. A I.F.S. certification is planned for the first half of 2013.

Our company

The story of Merydis started in the house of a craftsman in Neupré. Originally, only jams were produced.

Merydis never stopped growing from year to year and moved several times to settle finally in 1998 in the industrial area of the Hauts-Sarts.

Mass-retailing started in 2000 and other products such as onion confits were also launched.
Nowadays, Merydis makes products with an own and a retailer label.

Following the success of retail products, the turnover and production volumes quickly raised.
This volume increase generated big investments in terms of infrastructures and equipment in order to meet the quality demands of the retail sector.

Since 2006, the company gets a certification according to the acknowledged food standards in order to increase the satisfaction of her customers in the eyes of the food security standards which keep being more and more important.

Since more than 20 years, Merydis continues developing and ameliorating at result and product quality level.