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Our alcoholic confits

Our alcoholic confits

Besides our traditional confits, discover our new range alcoholic confits.

IFS Certification

IFS Certification

To meet its customers’ expectations, MERYDIS SA invests more in Quality. A I.F.S. certification is planned for the first half of 2013.

Quality Charter

The Quality Charter is organized around different commitments about quality, security and nutrition.
These obligations show the will to offer always the best to our consumers.
This is a qualitative approach because it includes all procedures, from the harvest to the shop.



Merydis promises to offer good, healthy and safe products.

The charter guarantees the quality of the products but also their flavour.
Merydis does her best to keep ameliorating the nutritional profile of her products.


Security: Rigorous selection of suppliers

  • Selection of the best fruits at each harvest
  • Controlled traceability, from the producers to the shop
  • Controlled traceability, from raw materials to the shop


Nutrition :

  • Low in sugar (until 75% fruits)
  • Free of added sugar range
  • No preservative
  • No colouring



  • Quality is the strategic element making the success of our products


To win on an international market and to satisfy any customer, you have to devote full attention to the quality of the products. That’s why Merydis has set up a quality control service which puts our brand only on products of very high quality.

We use and mix the best raw materials to get top products of consistent quality.

The consumers of our products do not simply want jams, confits, compote, dressing etc., they want to buy a product which brand guarantees quality.

Knowing the tastes and wishes of consumers, we work on satisfying them